This Page Is For Associate Distributor Members of the Infowars Business Team

If you are interested in finding out more about being a member of the Infowars Business Team, please visit the Business Opportunity page.

Tools to Build Your Downline: Custom URL

Order a custom URL and use the websites to drive sales to your account.

Once you have placed the order and received confirmation from our staff, you can enter your custom URL (or associate ID number) at the end of and all the Join Team Links and Product purchase links will be directed through your account.

So, if your associate ID number is "100767917" and a visitor goes to then all the product purchase links and business opportunity links on the website will be directed through your account. Likewise, if your Custom URL is Liberty and a visitor goes to and purchases products your account will be credited with a sale. If they join the Infowars Business Team they will be in your downline.

You can also (optionally) use your own phone number and email address for the contact info which appears on the home page.

For a setup fee of $20, we will add a customized name URL, email and phone number to your personal website. (Please note special characters like & or + or $ are not acceptable in a URL. Beware of capitalization. The url is CASE SENSITIVE. Spaces between characters are not recommended.)

How To Promote Your InfowarsTeam Website:

Once your Associate ID and Customized URL is activated the opportunities for promotion are endless. Simply place into any email and anyone who follows the link will be directed to your site. Paste the URL into your Facebook or Myspace posts and spread the word to your circle of friends. Link to the same address on your blog or website and drive traffic to your InfowarsTeam business. You could place the URL at the end of a Youtube video, on a business card, post card or banner. The possibilities are endless. So, get creative.

Order Custom URL

Enter your Associate ID below and the custom name you would like to have for your URL.

The custom name will be CASE SENSITIVE. Only distributors in the InfowarsTeam downline are eligable.

Please allow 72 hours for your order to be processed. You will be notified by email when your Custom URL has been activated. Please test your Custom URL by looking to see who the Sponsor is by following the Join Team link on the Business Opportunity page.

Select whether your would like your email, phone number, both or neither to display on your website.

Your Custom Contact Info
Associate ID
Custom URL

You do not need a Paypal account to pay. Just choose the "Don't have a Paypal account" option.